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Serving the Hong Kong T2 terminal project
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PIPE Cutting
A few days ago, the 8-axis Pipe&Square Tube Cutting Machine and I-beam robot cutting line products provided by LINKMAN for Gammon were delivered to provide cutting services for the T2 terminal project of Hong Kong International Airport. This project is the total contract of Gammon, including the No. 2 passenger terminal, auxiliary buildings, connecting bridges, road traffic facilities, viaducts, underground utilities, pedestrian bridges, etc., with a total amount of HK$12.88 billion. This project will fully demonstrate Gammon's comprehensive capabilities in off-site integrated construction, intelligent assembly, and design (DfMA).
Cutting PIPE
In recent years, the rapid development of prefabricated building steel structure, environmentally friendly and efficient LINKMAN brand cutting machine, combined with customer’s 3D BIM Tekla and other design platform software, not only greatly improves production efficiency and workpiece quality, but also reduces waste generated by off-site construction. An important part of sustainable development. Due to the use of off-site modular construction, on-site construction personnel are further reduced and operation safety is improved.
Cutting Machine
After more than 20 years of research and development and technical reserves, LINKMAN brand products rely on mature technology and experience in offline programming software and cutting machines, focus on product service and quality, and practice green development.
3D Cutting
LINKMAN's 8-axis Pipe&Square Tube Cutting Machine and I-beam robot cutting line products automatically complete the cutting of Pipe, square tube and I-beam workpieces. The machine can choose different brands of plasma power supply, welding bevel (fixed, fixed angle, AWS, API, etc.), and can interface with Tekla, AutoCAD, Tribon and other design platform software. The user's electronic version of the engineering drawings can be used directly without the need for secondary deepening, which better meets the engineering requirements.
profile Cutting
For 20 years, LINKMAN's products have always maintained cutting machine efficiency and high-quality services. The offline programming software and cutting machine with independent copyright have been accompanied by a group of high-end customers and high-quality projects, participating in international competition and accepting international engineering inspections.
CNC Cutting
The picture below is the production site of some steel components of the T2 terminal project:
Cutting profile

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