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LMGQ Machine Serves Offshore Wind Power
2021-06-18 11:48 阅读次数:[123]

As a clean energy , offshore wind power has shown a good momentum of development and has become a development trend.The competition in the offshore wind power industry is more intense. The localization of the industrial chain, especially large steel structures, is of great significance to the price advantage of wind power.The equipment adopts Swedish GCE thermal cutting technology and American Hypertherm plasma power supply, providing 4 sets of heavy-duty electric auxiliary support and automatic hydraulic chucks.

LMGQ large pipe cutting machine mainly participated in the construction of ZPMC HHI TZ YIFAN CHI and others offshore wind power engineering pipe structure parts.The machining precision, welding quality and wind resistance grade of Marine engineering components are required to be very high.Beijing LINKMAN won the bidding continuously by virtue of its product and technical advantages. More and more customers attach great importance to the quality and efficiency advantages of brand products.

LMGQ large diameter cutting machine after 20 years of research and development and technical reserves, play to the advantages of PIPE3000 offline programming software and cutting process, do a good job in service, strict quality control, for 2021 sales and production tasks to complete the foundation.

LMGQ large diameter cutting machine, one can complete the pipe end, welding groove, hole and plate groove automatic cutting, can be directly with TEKLA, AutoCAD and other design software docking, engineering drawings can be directly used without the secondary deepening design, better meet the engineering requirements.For more than 20 years, Beijing LINKMAN products have always maintained the cutting efficiency and service quality, with more and more well-known enterprises continue to go overseas, to receive more engineering inspection.

For 20 years, LMGQ-PRO Profile Cutting Machine has always maintained its cutting efficiency and service quality. LINKMAN's proprietary off-line programming software PIPE3000 and MOBOSAPCE accompany well-known enterprises to go overseas, participate in international competition, and accept the test of international projects.

The picture above is end & plate groove one-time cutting process:

The picture is High cutting accuracy, good welding groove, neat and clean:

The picture is Marine product components made according to AWS standards:

The picture is Marine product components made according to AWS standards:

The picture is Offshore Wind Power product pipe structure parts production site:

The picture is Offshore Wind Power product pipe structure parts production site:
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