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Multiple 8-Axis Machines Were Delivered
2021-05-07 17:49 阅读次数:[139]

Recently,LINKMAN delivered LMGQ-PRO 8-Axis circle and square tube profile cutting machine for SANY,HANGXIAO,ZHONGNAN,FUHUANG and other enterprises.The core parts of the equipment all use brand products, Advantech IPC, Advantech servo motion controller, Fuji servo motor, Taiwan linear guide rail and slider, Chuck, flexible mechanical arm... Specifications 12 meters workpiece, round tube 80~800mm, square tube 80~500mm, 4 auxiliary support cars, customers can choose brand laser measurement and control system, plasma power supply and dust purification device, etc.

In recent years, steel structure, construction machinery and other industries develop rapidly, environmental protection and efficient LMGQ-PRO profile cutting machine can not only greatly improve the production efficiency and workpiece quality, but also further reduce workshop production personnel and management costs, becoming a new model of intelligent workshop. LMGQ cutting workpiece size precision is high, welding groove clean... , which creates conditions for subsequent welding and assembly, and is highly appraised by users.

LINKMAN brand profile cutting machine after more than 20 years of research and development and technical reserves, give full play to the advantages of PIPE3000 offline programming software and cutting process, do a good job in service, strict quality control, for 2021 sales and production tasks to complete the foundation.

LMGQ-PRO Profile Cutting Machine can automatically complete the end and pipe hole cutting of round pipe, square pipe and section steel workpiece, and a variety of welding groove (Fixed Angle, AWS, API, etc.), which can be directly connected with Tekla, AutoCAD and other popular design software. The engineering drawings of users can be used directly without the need of the second deepening design, which can better meet the engineering requirements.

For 20 years, LMGQ-PRO Profile Cutting Machine has always maintained its cutting efficiency and service quality. LINKMAN's proprietary off-line programming software PIPE3000 and MOBOSAPCE accompany well-known enterprises to go overseas, participate in international competition, and accept the test of international projects.

Picture is the LINKMAN's customer-Zoomlion Subsidiator Factory:

Picture is the LINKMAN's customer-Zoomlion Subsidiator Factory:

Picture is LINKMAN's customer-China Iron 08 Olympic Games Qingdao Station:

Picture is LINKMAN's customer-China Railway-Tianjin Binhai High Railway Station:

Picture is LINKMAN's customer-Beijing Urban Construction Mentougou Sports Center:

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