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Robot Cutting Line Used In WUHU SHIPYARD
2021-02-24 11:46 阅读次数:[53]

Recently, the installation and delivery of the 60m-long LM-HXG profile cutting robot line and MobotSpace offline programming system software specially designed by LINKMAN for WUHU SHIPYARD was completed.

Intelligent profile cutting robot products have played a great role in the Marine construction of WUHU SHIPYARD, and created a new record for the production and cutting of many kinds of profiles of spherical Flat-bulb steel, Angle steel, channel steel and H-beam.

LM-XG has won the praise of shipowner users, and created good conditions such as precise size of workpiece, clean welding groove and good consistency of workpiece for the hull construction of Marine engineering and shipyard.

LM-HXG profile cutting robot line system is a national torch program product, suitable for steel structure, shipbuilding,sea work, bridge tower, construction,etc., and has all intellectual property rights. LINKMAN product market advantage, good reputation and customer satisfaction,gradually make LINKMAN has become the industry leading brand and the steel structure project engineering gold sign.

LM-XG can be used for various kinds of profiles ( channel steel,H-beam, I-steel, Angle steel, etc,... ) with industrial robot cutting, optional production line and single machine working mode, special specification can be customized. The system is simple to operate and only needs one operator to solve the outstanding problems of labor shortage and environmental protection requirements. It can automatically finish feeding, marking, cutting, dusting, sorting and discharging.
Cutting profile
MobotSpace offline programming software and Tribon shipbuilding design software docking:

LM-XG high degree of automation, finished products piled up mountains:

LM-XG automatic inkjet writing, high quality water hole workpiece:

LM-XG monitor monitoring operation, intelligent, environmental protection, efficient:

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