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Profile Cutting Robot Sales Hot
2020-07-04 14:33 阅读次数:[182]

During COVID-19, LINKMAN many LM-HXG I-Beam and LMGQ profile cutting machine has been selected by customers in Shanghai,Hebei,Guangdong,Tianjin,Sichuan,Jiangsu and Fujian, Users can choose Germany SF300 laser or America XPR300 plasma power supply. After 20 years of  technology reserve, LINKMAN has obvious advantages and achieved double growth in sales and production, and successfully completed the sales and production plan of LINKMAN in the first half year.
I-beam cutting machine  
Users  are  more  and more  interested in  enterprise credibility and comprehensive technical capabilities. The just won several I-Beam cutting robot production line projects further confirm LINKMAN's hard power in the intelligent equipment industry. With its technological advantages, LINKMAN has won the bidding of I-Beam robot cutting production line project of A Hong Kong-listed company and a well-known steel structure company. More and more users have their eyes on the 20-year-old brand store.
I-beam cutting line
LM-HXG I-beam cutting robot production line machine, one-time can complete workpiece lineation, writing code, Bevel, end and bolt hole cutting, can replace traditional manual marking, coding, sawing machine, milling machine, end and Bevel cutting, drilling and other processes, for the user saves the purchase of a variety of machine tools and maintenance expenses, workshop area, time and human resources, etc. User chooses XPR170/300 or SF300 plasma power supply, the project effect will be better, the plasma arc writing and cutting speed and quality can better meet the engineering requirements.
3D profile workpiece
For 20 years, LINKMAN profile and I-Beam automatic cutting line products have maintained their cutting  efficiency  and  service  quality.  LINKMAN's proprietary  offline  programming  software  PIPE3000 & MOBOTSAPCE went overseas with a large number of internationally renowned enterprises, participated in more international competition and accepted more international project inspection.
profile workpiece
Hypertherm plasma power supply provides bolt hole function:
Kjellberg plasma power supply provides arc writing function:
Kjellberg plasma arc marking
LM-HXG I-Beam cutting robot product provides process hole function:
I-beam workpiece
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