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Qatar 2022 World Cup Stadium Built
2020-05-20 16:48 阅读次数:[198]

Jinggong Steel and CRCC are world - class enterprises and high-end customers of our company's profile cutting machine. Recently, the main stadium they are building for the 2022 World Cup has begun to take shape.  The ring truss on top of the stadium looks like a giant dragon,  drawing  a beautiful curve in the air, demonstrating the beauty of power.
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The 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar,marking the first time the world's most influential sporting event  has entered the Middle East.  As the main venue  of  the  World  Cup,  Lusail  stadium  can accommodate more than 90,000 people. It will bear the opening and closing ceremonies as well as the first and final matches.
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In the face of the covid-19  outbreak,  Jinggong Steel and CRCC engineers  stood  their ground , overcame the scorching heat in Qatar, and made scientific efforts to prevent the epidemic. With their efforts, no one was infected, which once again demonstrated China's strength on the international stage.
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