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Win COVID-19 Complete Project Delivery
2020-03-30 14:16 阅读次数:[91]

During COVID-19, Beijing LINKMAN multi-set LMGQ profile cutting machine has been selected by customers in Shanghai, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Shandong and Guangdong, LMGQ use German Kjellberg SF200 similar laser plasma power and American Hypertherm MAXPRO200 plasma power supply, LMGQ provide four sets of large electric pipe auxiliary support and large automatic hydraulic chuck. The project of Fujian Marine engineering customer overcame the impact of COVID-19 outbreak and successfully completed the installation, training and delivery of equipment under the joint efforts of both sides.
Profile Cutting Machine
The LMGQ1600 (400 ~ 1600) large-diameter pipe cutting machine selected by fujian customers is mainly used for the "measuring wind tower" engineering project of fujian zhangpu offshore wind farm. The tower is 120 meters high, which is the preliminary project of million-kilowatt offshore wind farm and is a key energy and environmental protection project. Due to the high quality requirements of offshore "measuring wind tower" steel structure engineering, Beijing LINKMAN products won the bid by virtue of its advantages, more and more enterprises focus on the quality and efficiency of brand products.
H-beam Cutting Machine
Well-known enterprises generally choose American Hypertherm or German Kjellberg brand plasma power supply, not only good cutting quality, long life of consumable material low cost, and cutting speed and cutting process can meet the customer's high quality engineering requirements.
 I-steel Cutting
For 20 years, LINKMAN profile and Beam automatic cutting line products have maintained their cutting efficiency and service quality. LINKMAN's proprietary offline programming software PIPE3000 and MOBOTSAPCE went overseas with a large number of internationally renowned enterprises, participated in more international competition and accepted more international project inspection.
 Angle steel Cutting
120 meters "test wind tower" pipe truss production site:

120 meters "test wind tower" pipe truss design model:
Tekla Xsteel
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