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How to use LM-HXG&XPR300 to cut bolt holes
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LINKMAN and HYPERTHERM have long and close cooperation:
For 20 years, LINKMAN has been an OEM supplier of HYPERTHERM plasma power supply, and the two sides have maintained sound technical and business relations. LINKMAN's pipe profile cutting, h-beam cutting robot and other series of equipment can be added to the PMAX105, PMAX125, MAX200, HPR130XD and XPR170,XPR300 plasma power supply of HYPERTHERM.

Origin of "True Hole" fine bolt Hole technology in XPR system:
"True Hole" fine bolt Hole technology is HYPERTHERM SureCut ™ technology part of the technology that originated in 2008 with HPRXD automatic gas products. Today, HYPERTHERM new XPR170/300 ™ system is adopted the technology." True Hole" fine bolt Hole cutting technology is very suitable for low carbon steel cutting, and its Hole quality is much better than the previous quality achieved by using the plasma system. Importantly, the "True Hole" technology can be automatically cutting without manual intervention by operators to achieve unparalleled Hole quality.

Technical advantages of "True Hole" fine bolt Hole in XPR system:
♦ ensure bolt hole quality without manual intervention by operator;
♦ narrow the gap between plasma and laser hole cutting quality;
♦ basically eliminate tapered holes;
♦ improve the roundness of bolt hole top and bottom;
♦ provide true "bolt hole" quality;
♦ the price of the XPR is only about 1/3 to 1/4 that of the laser system.

Requirements for "True Hole" fine bolt Hole technology in XPR:
A high-performance cutting machine that fully supports "True Hole" fine bolt Hole technology is required. The precision of mechanical moving parts and control system software of the machine tool must meet the requirements of bolt Hole cutting process. At the same time, the automatic gas configuration system provided by hypertherm must be selected. All machine tool components must be seamlessly integrated, and the True Hole fine bolt Hole technique works to ensure the cutting quality of the holes.

Quality of "True Hole" fine bolt Hole technology in XPR system:
As part of the American HYPERTHERM "SureCut" technology, in view of the low carbon steel "True Hole ®" fine bolt Hole technology can match XPR170/300 ™ plasma system. On thickness of not more than 25 mm steel plate cutting Hole, software programming nesting or CNC controller can be automatically used The " True Hole ® " fine bolt Hole technology. The aperture of the hole can be reduced from 2 : 1 to 1 : 1 with the thickness ratio of steel plate. The " True Hole ® "fine bolt Hole technology combined with a given current, material type, material thickness and the aperture size and specific parameter combination of Settings.

Key points of "True Hole" fine bolt Hole technology in XPR system:
♦ type of process gas;
♦ gas flow;
♦ amperes;
♦ perforation methods;
♦ lead-in/lead-out technique;
♦ speed change control during round cutting;
♦ stop the arc in sync with the cutting torch movement.

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