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How to use LMGQ to cut Special-Shaped Tubes
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1. Introduction:
China's steel structure product production is in the high-speed development period, more and more steel curtain wall, ocean engineering, shipbuilding, bridge tower, amusement facilities, logistics warehousing,engineering and other industries of steel environmental protection,re-use of the requirements continue to improve.
Steel products for industrial production and application, known as the 21st century"green building",but steel products in China's product applications accounted for less than 5%,and developed countries have reached more than 50%.
In the production and construction projects in China, with h-beam, pipe, square pipe mainly, from the high-speed railway station,platform Awning,Airport,dock,exhibition center,sports venues to civilian housing,  due to the beautiful shape,  good structural strength and other characteristics, is widely used as steel frame, pipe truss, purlin, keel, even containers, pipelines, mobile storage shelves and so on.
In recent years,China's special-shaped structure engineering application is more and more common, including square tube, rectangular tube, vertebral tube, oval tube, etc., however, the processing method of irregular pipe is relatively backward, this is also the article to discuss the use of the existing CNC pipe profile cutting machine processing important reasons.
2. Cutting methods for special-shaped pipes:
About the special - shaped cutting processing, the traditional processing  means  is  the use of  sawing  machine,  milling machine or hand - cut. Sawing machine  or  milling machine cutting process can only be simple straight cut, oblique cut or simple style of milling, can not complete the complex  profile curve end cutting, but also can not complete all kinds of hole, hole cutting.
With the appearance of special-shaped pipe structure, the CNC cutting of special-shaped pipe is very important.Special-shaped pipe cross-section of a variety of common round, square, oval, triangle,  hexagonal, multi - ling,  octagonal, vertebral pipe and semicircular and other special-shaped pipe type, alone to adapt to a particular type  of special - shaped pipe cutting machine obviously does not apply.
At present, steel structure enterprises have accumulated years of  experience in  production, many enterprises have purchased a CNC pipe profile cutting machine.Enterprise how to use the company has purchased the CNC pipe profile cutting machine, the completion of special-shape pipe cutting process, for the enterprise is very economical and convenient method.
The following are some common vertebral pipes, multiple ribs, elliptical pipe structures:

3. Shaped pipe Cutting
A. Hardware
Below is how to use the Beijing LINKMAN Company production of LMGQ series CNC ( 6-axis ) pipe profile cutting machine or LMGQ-PRO CNC ( 8-axis round - rectangular ) pipe composite cutting machine to achieve the cutting method and step of the special-shaped pipe. The LMGQ is made up of six or eight CNC motion axes, which have the hardware conditions for cutting special-shape pipe.The LMGQ machine structure looks like this:

LMGQ CNC axes are W, A, B, X, Y, Z, X1, W1 axes,of which: X, X1, Y, Z axis for linear motion axis, complete the pipe parts along the line orientation and cutting. The W-axis is a moving chuck, the W1 axis is a fixed chuck,so that the pipe part rotates around its pipe core. A-axis is the rotary axis of cutting torch, used to cut parts Y-direction bevel. The B-axis is also the rotary axis of the cutting torch, which is used for cutting parts X-directional bevel.
The NC axis is controlled by LMGQ software to coordinate the cutting of complex curve of pipe parts. LMGQ profile cutting machine with 4 pipe auxiliary support device, when the cutting pipe is longer, the distal end of the pipe parts will drop, auxiliary support device can support the pipe, ensure the relative level of cutting pipe, pipe always around the center of the pipe rotation. Note:8-axis equipment needs to be increased X1 and W1 axes.
Most of the brand CNC cutting machine provides plasma or flame cutting methods, according to the thickness of the pipe parts to choose the most suitable cutting method.Most special-shaped pipe wall thickness of 0.6mm~30mm around, the use of high power fine plasma cutting can achieve higher cutting speed and cutting quality.
With  the above machine conditions,  fixture play an important role in the special-shape pipe cutting.Fixture can be divided into two parts, part of the manufacturers are standard fixture (such as:  four claw chuck, can be completed pipe, rectangular pipe, square, h - beam, etc.). The other part of the customer-made fixture (such as:  transducer,  can be completed  angle steel, channel steels, special-shaped pipe, etc.).
The function of the chuck fixture is to make the chuck's claw clamp the special-shaped pipe to drive the pipe rotation, and the auxiliary support tooling is to support the special-shaped pipe, and ensure the special-shaped pipe can rotate around the chuck center and also the pipe center line. Chuck  fixture and auxiliary support  tooling can be used in the same way, the special-shape pipe converted to pipe, so that it rotates. fixture structure seems simple,but its clamping-special pipe efficiency will directly affect the overall efficiency of machine, ingenious fixture design can greatly improve the cutting and processing efficiency.
B. Software
Support special-shaped pipe CNC cutting machine software is divided into programming and control software, using off-line programming software to complete the special - shape pipe complex  curve  programming, does not  occupy  the  time  of cutting machine,can greatly improve the use of cutting machine efficiency, and easy production management.
Because the LMGQ cutting machine control software has the motion control function of any complex curve, and can read the machine code ( G - CODE ) provided by off-line programming software directly, and control each axis movement of LMGQ machine. Therefore, it is very important to understand how off-line programming software accomplishes special-shape pipe complex curve programming.
LMGQ or LM-HXG profile pipe cutting machine provides 32 - bit  PIPE2002 or 64-bit  PIPE3000 off-line programming software. PIPE2002/3000 special - shaped pipe programming software is different from the traditional parametric programming software (only the fixed profile type), uses " 3D node expansion " mode, unifies the Autocad,tekla and so on " 3D " The design software completes the programming work. At present, there are nearly thousands of enterprise users with PIPE2002/3000 experience, software programming is very simple, as long as the use of the "3D" design, easy to click the mouse can be completed.
1) Run PIPE3000, open the "3D node expansion" module.
2) In AutoCAD or Tekla, open the specially-shaped pipe "3D" Structural design model.
As shown in the following figure (Elliptical pipe node view):

3) Click PIPE2002/3000 software tools options "special-shape pipe cutting " button, automatically generate LINKMAN brand cutting machine code, open the cutting machine code, screen display workpiece expansion diagram, and provide special - shape pipe key point dimensions, such as:  start point,  pipe diameter, pipe wall thickness and other data, etc..
C. Using LMGQ to realize special-shaped pipe processing
The above PIPE2002/3000 off - line programming software generated LMGQ cutting machine code,through the network or U-disk download to the machine, you can start workpiece processing. Because of the special-shaped pipe's clamping precision and the size error of the raw material, it directly determines the cutting precision of the particular-shape pipe. Therefore, before processing also need to pay special attention to the above content, and according to the workpiece view position to complete the special-shape pipe placement. The following figure is LMGQ profile cutting machine after the completion of fixture transformation, rectangular pipe cutting work conditions:

4. Conclusion:
To sum up, in order to adapt to the continuous emergence of special-shaped pipe structural engineering,make full use of the customer's existing profile cutting machine to complete the special-shape pipe complex end and pipe hole NC cutting,can replace the manual cutting to obtain better cutting efficiency and quality, but also the use of existing resources, thereby saving equipment input, It is a good choice for most steel structure enterprises.



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