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Gas conditions for Hypertherm G4 Plasma
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Beijing LINKMAN LMGQ profile cutting machine and LM-HXG smart profile cutting robot system is configured in Hypertherm PMAX105/125 plasma power supply, the internal installation of special solenoid valve. The advantages of this solenoid valve is that the air pressure can be automatically adjusted,in the "Auto" mode without manual adjustment of pressure.
Found in use, when the power supply is not normal alarm, fault alarm number:0-12-1 is low gas pressure,  0-12-2 is high gas pressure,0-12-3 gas pressure is unstable,0-30-0 is cut torch clip open state, 0-30-1 is cut torch clip closed state ,etc..
After the Hypertherm company technology testing, found that most of the fault is the user's air has not been filtered, resulting in the power solenoid valve internal dirt serious, resulting in power supply can not work properly.
Therefore, Hytertherm company requires the user site of plasma power supply must provide air filtration and drying device.To ensure that there is no oil and water in the supply pipeline, air gas remains dry. Regular inspection and maintenance of gas supply system.User site needs to use the following measures (see the following figure):

A、Install a reliable air filter device.
B、Installation of an oil-water separation device.
C、Install an air drying machine.
User production site gas supply pipe diameter of about 13mm, external gas pressure must be kept between the 0.6~0.8 Mpa, remember that too high gas pressure will lead to plasma power filter cup rupture!
User Daily Check:
1. Every day after the boot,  check  the  plasma  power monitor whether there is pressure alarm, if there is alarm, please adjust the external gas source pressure, increase or lower pressure.
2. Check if the air is dry and clean every week.Press following knob of  the oil - water  separator,  discharge gas,  such as the release of the gas has a large number of white liquid, indicating high oil and water content in the air.
3. Check whether there is water or dirt inside the air filter every week, the most common is water. If water is found, the oil and water separation device installed on the front end fails, please replace the oil and water separator. Regular replacement of air filter  filter  cartridge,  if  found  dirt  serious must be replaced immediately. It is advisable for the user to install large oil and water separator at the back end of the air storage tank. Every day before the equipment boot, open the oil - water separator release  gas, oil  and  water release, to ensure the air  into  the plasma supply of dry and pure.
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