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How To Choose LM-HXG Profile Cutting Robot
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A. Introduction:
LM-HXG smart profile cutting robot system, can be based on (two position or automatic production line) mode of operation for customers to choose. According to the requirements of the cutting process of the profile workpiece, the bevel and end, the 6-joint industrial robot is used as the executing mechanism of the cutting process,and the external axis of the robot is used as the fixed-ruler driving mechanism of the profile workpiece.

1. Single machine–Two station working mode:
LM - HXG single machine - two station working mode product, provide (standard:4 set) movable trolley.On the movable trolley, provide the datum locating block of the workpiece,which can be applied to the profile workpiece with different specifications and sizes (h-beam, I-beam, channel&angle steel,etc. ) of automatic cutting process.

2. Automatic production line working mode:
LM-HXG Automatic production line mode products, separately set: Preparation area (material buffer mechanism), propulsion area(clamping propulsion mechanism,roller,lateral positioning locking mechanism), cutting area (closed cutting room, cutting robot body, profile fixing and locking device,profile deformation laser control device, etc. ), Output area ( profile roller, finished product push mechanism,finished product caching mechanism, etc.),control platform,dust removal system,plasma power, etc.

LM-HXG can be completed at one time the profile length size, web and wing plate bevel, wedge head and bolt hole cutting processing, can replace the traditional sawing machine, milling end-head processing, welding bevel processing, drilling and other processes.Not only for the enterprise to save a number of cold processing machine tool acquisition and maintenance costs, but also to save the area of the production workshop, improve efficiency and reduce labor. This machine is mainly applicable to marine engineering, shipbuilding, lifting machinery, construction machinery, steel structure, glass curtain wall, amusement facilities, heavy duty automobiles, electric power and Iron tower industries.
B. Technical index:
LM-HXG Profile cutting robot products suitable for a variety of profiles (H steel, channel steel, I-beam, angle steel, etc.) using robot flexible cutting, can choose automatic production line and single machine-dual-station working mode, profile specifications can be customized.
LM-HXG machine fully automated, only need one operator, solve the enterprise labor shortage, environmental protection and other outstanding problems. The operator simply places the workpiece in the preparation area without clamping,and system can automatically complete feeding,cutting,dusting and output. operator without drawing knowledge and education, you can easily operate the machine.
The LM-HXG system provides standard (GB,JIS,ASTM) profile databases,welding bevel(AWS,API,fixed angle,fixed),compatible with IGEs, DXF, Sat, and STL software interfaces, providing NC class DSTV specifications.
C. Main configuration:
♦ Main components:
Advantech Brand 15 "tablet computer workstation
♦ Programming Nesting:
Copyright Mobotspace Off-line Programming software
♦ Working mode:
Production line/single machine/two station(optional)
♦ Cutting mechanism:
Robot YASKAWA/ABB/KUKA(Optional)
♦ Cutting form:
125/130A/300A brand plasma power(optional)
♦ Profile Size:
♦ Workpiece Length:

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